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As of January 2018, I am looking for new remote opportunities. I'm currently based in St Paul, Minnesota, but I will relocate to Tallahassee, Florida, in summer 2018.

Open Source

Access Watch

Access Watch is a flexible access log processor that helps operators analyze the web traffic reaching their infrastructure.


Software Decomposition

I gave this talk to the Minnesota Clojure user group in 2015. I believe that software engineers ought to talk more about software decomposition. In this talk I compared several implementations of the KWIC system described in David Parnas's seminal paper "On The Criteria To Be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules". I also relate the insights from this paper to the work of the architect Christopher Alexander in "Notes on the Synthesis of Form".



A JavaScript implementation of the META II metacompiler as described by Val Shorre in the original paper from 1964. META II contains 3 interesting ideas in computing: domain specific languages, virtual machines, and self-hosting evolution.


Some solutions in Clojure and Racket for the exercises in the incredible work of synthesis that is Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

Machine Learning

I like to learn from first principles. I started to dive into machine learning with Tom Mitchell's book "Machine Learning."